Progress Report

Christmastime is upon us, and so we pause by the fire to reflect on recent events. Cue the soundtrack.

Let’s see.

  1. On a lark we did a couple songs at an open mic at Phantom Power, our favorite local venue. It was part of a series of open mics, from which eight (-ish?) acts would be selected to compete in a battle of the bands in early December. To our surprise, we were chosen to compete! The range of styles and talents involved in this battle was humbling. Glad to be there—win, place, or show. Winners’ circle included Emaylia and Before the End, who both delivered musically rich and intense performances.
  2. Did a super last minute fill-in gig at Zoetropolis for an event celebrating Lancaster’s own Mr. Suit Records. The legendary music shop is packing up the turntable after 15 years. Very cool to hang with some old friends and share the stage with The Flying Faders, who are keeping the surf sound alive with a fine indie style.
  3. Released Average Risk Adults, our musical document from COVID Times and the third official release from the band. Physical discs and streaming.
  4. Finally (really, truly, once and for all) released our first album, Transcript, for streaming services. The original came out in 2016, but it took 6 years of intermittently caring about it to get it right. Mistakes were made. The cover art has changed and so has one title. Whew.
  5. Preparing to soon record a batch of songs that emerged over the last few months.

All in all, pretty good couple of months.

Here’s Average Risk Adults for your consideration.

Available on other streaming platforms if Spotify isn’t your thing.