Transcript: Our First Full Length Album

The debut, full-length album by the eclectic, instrumental band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Released March 16, 2016.

Recorded in Stew’s garage on School House Alley, Lancaster, PA. Mixed and mastered by Ian at Rare Nest, Lititz, PA. Design by Ian and the band. Cover photo by Karen Jenkins.

This album is currently not available on most streaming services because the album artwork was rejected for distribution—multiple times—by CDBaby, the company we used to publish this record. Apparently the “Tx” symbol that we devised for Transcript is being considered as typographic (not entirely wrong), and because the typographic element doesn’t spell out a something that matches either the band name or the name of the record, it’s a no go. Who knew?! Eventually, we’ll revise the artwork and re-release to get digital distribution. But right now (10:08PM on 2/13/2021), we’re focused on recording a new record.

Stew Bradley: drums
Josh Cusatis: bass
Ian Schaefer: guitar

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